How to guarantee your quality?

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1, if our own uniker products, each model has its fixed standard.


2, if customerized products, we shall discuss all details with
customer and confirm it before mass producing.

3, for every product, we usually chose among 3-4 produce bases,
which is passed by our quality control system,   safety evalute system.

4, When we accept customer's order, we shall ask manufacturers
to make essential presample to check, and signature on it to
confirm.     during mass producing, we shall cross check again.
after finished, mass product is made a spot check by 5-10%,
then send to my warehouse.

5, we use our own persons to load/inspect goods into
container at my place to make sure the correct quality and  quantity goods.



6. For every order, we point a unique businessman to follow your order from head to toe.

   communicate with you 24-hours, supplying you with  first-time and first-hand information.





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