Where is your city,Hefei?

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Hefei is the modern capital  city of Anhui Province,   Eastern China. 

Population is 5,000,000 in year 2014 official record.

Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter is obviously.

The coldest in February below 5-7 centigrate (about 7 days)
The hotest in August 38-39 centigrate (about 20 days)

The world no.1 brand Forklift (HELI) is in our city.

The biggest house-use electronic Product base  over whole China are  in our city:

Such as Air-condition, Wash Machine, Refrigerator,Microwave Oven, Color TV....

More than 200 of world top 500 companies have their branch and/or produce-bse here

* Come from Japan: by plane (directly)
* Come from Singapore: by plane (directly)
* Come from South Korea: by plane (directly)

* Come from Hong Kong: by Plane----90 mintues
(Flights: Monday/Tuesday/Saturday/Sunday)

* Come from Shenzhen:
by Plane----100 mintues (Everyday 6-8 flights)
by bullet train-----7 hours

* Come from Guangzhou(Canton):
by Plane----90 mintues (Everyday 6-8 flights)
by bullet train-----6 hours

* Come from Shanghai:
by Plane----30 mintues (everyday 4 flights)
by bullet train----3 hours

* Come from Nanjing:
by train: 40 mintues
by bus: 2 hours

* Come from Beijing:
by plane----100 mintues (everday 4-5 flights)
by bullet train------4 hours

* Come from YIWU:
by Plane----45 mintues
by train----6 hours

* Hotel:  

Shangri-Li ---- 5 star,  opposite 1 street to our office  (50 meter)

Hilton----- 5 star,  10 mintues from our company

Westin--- 5 star,  10 mintues from our company

Holiday Inn---- 5 star,  10 mintues from our company

Sheraton---- 5 star,  15 mintues from our company  

--- and other tens of 4-5 star grade hotels option




Western Food, Chinese Food, Muslim Food, Indian Food can be supplied here




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